Why General Contractors Trust Bluworld

As a general contractor, finding reliable and experienced partners for specialty projects is crucial to ensuring success and client satisfaction. At Bluworld of Water, we have designed our project management systems specifically to cater to the needs of the general contracting industry. From proposal to installation, our goal is to make working with us as seamless and efficient as possible. Here’s why choosing Bluworld of Water for your next water feature project is a smart decision:

Expertise in the Construction Industry

With years of experience working with general contractors, we understand the construction industry inside out. We know the potential challenges and pitfalls and how to avoid them. Our deep knowledge of what matters most to general contractors ensures that we can provide the support you need at every stage of the project.

Comprehensive Project Management

At Bluworld, we aim to make your “Bluworld Experience” flow smoothly. Water features are specialty products, and their construction involves aspects that are not commonly known to most construction professionals. That’s why we offer a full range of resources to help you better understand our products and the construction process.

Rough-In Information: As soon as Bluworld is commissioned on a project, our engineering team creates a full set of specification drawings, including elevations, sections, and details of the water feature and the surrounding structure. Our responsibility matrix clearly outlines the scope of work for Bluworld and other trades involved. We also provide MEP information to ensure seamless integration.

If you need preliminary rough-in information before commissioning Bluworld, our engineering department can provide utility memos and design narratives for rough-in purposes. Contact your Bluworld Account Manager to discuss these complimentary services.

Budgeting and Value Engineering: We understand that budget is always a concern. Your Bluworld Account Manager can provide preliminary budgetary numbers at any stage of the process. Once a design is finalized, we offer a formal detailed proposal. If the water feature exceeds the budget, we can suggest value engineering options to reduce costs without compromising the overall design intent.

Filtration Systems: A proper pumping and filtration system is vital to the success of a water feature. Bluworld has developed proprietary pumping and filtration systems specifically for water features. Our “Blu Box” touch screen control panel significantly reduces maintenance, leading to happy clients and fewer customer service issues for you.

In healthcare facilities, infection control is paramount. Bluworld partnered with third-party experts to produce the white paper “Water Features in Healthcare Applications: Proper Design Guidelines to Meet Infection Control Requirements.” You can have confidence that a system designed by Bluworld will meet and exceed your clients’ expectations.

Turnkey Installation Services

At Bluworld, we strive to be a single-source supplier for our water features. Our Installation Services team, composed of expert water feature technicians, will come to your job site to install your Bluworld Water Feature. Our technicians have extensive construction experience and safety training, including OSHA 10-hour and equipment operation certifications. They will work closely with your on-site superintendent to ensure the water feature is installed correctly and safely.

Why Partner with Bluworld of Water?

  • Specialized Knowledge: We offer the expertise needed to manage the unique aspects of water feature construction.
  • Comprehensive Resources: From rough-in information to detailed engineering drawings, we provide everything you need for a successful project.
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: Our value engineering options help keep projects within budget without sacrificing quality.
  • Advanced Filtration Systems: Our proprietary systems ensure water features are low-maintenance and meet stringent health standards.
  • Seamless Installation: Our turnkey installation services ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish.