Bubble Walls/Blu-Guard™


Bubble Walls are built with our completely sealed and airtight Blu-Guard technology. All Blu-Guard water features meet or exceed all FGI regulations concerning water features in HealthCare environments. In addition to the safety aspect, Bubble Walls are mesmerizing and have become one of our most popular design styles. Air bubbles are released through a column of water creating a captivating effect as they rise to the top. Color changing LED lights, which are a standard feature, illuminate the bubbles as they move through the panel. All Bluworld Bubble Walls come with a “BluBubble Controller” which allows you to manage the release of the air bubbles to create multiple bubble release patterns.

Bluworld has developed many cutting edge and proprietary effects for our bubble walls. These include variable air release mechanisms, custom control programs that sequence the bubbles and lights together, and automated fill and filter systems that reduce maintenance. There are design aspects such as equipment location and panel sizes to consider when planning for your Bubble Wall. We recommend contacting a Bluworld Account Manager early in the design development process.