Bluworld was created with the goal of being a trusted “single source” that design professionals could rely on to ensure that their water feature projects would be a success. In years past, designing a water feature, particularly an indoor waterfall, into a space was a risky proposition. Without a “water feature specialist” involved, many indoor waterfalls, and other types of water features, either never worked correctly or were plagued with operational issues. There are many nuances in controlling water that can easily be overlooked or unanticipated even by very component design professionals.

With the creation of Bluworld of Water and subsequently other smaller companies joining the market, a water feature industry was created. Now design professionals can have confidence that the indoor waterfalls they specify will be successful. However, not all water feature companies are created equal. Unfortunately, we receive calls each week from homeowners and business owners who used other companies and have had negative results.

Bluworld has a strong emphasis on engineering. Our experience, expertise, and resources are unmatched in the industry. Our continuing goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need in order to specify a water feature with ease and confidence. The sections below explain some of the resources we provide to design professionals; we hope you find this helpful. We always welcome any input and suggestions on how we might better serve you.

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