Bluworld’s Fountain Division offers a wide range of services to help you make your outdoor fountain project a success.


Aquatic Engineering and Consultation Services Only:

It is imperative that your fountain be properly designed and engineered to ensure its success. Bluworld can be commissioned to provide design services for your fountain project. Our design engineers will work with you through all phases from conceptual design to a fully detailed set of construction documents and written specification. Our team will specify all pumping and filtration equipment as well as all embedded fixtures and waterproofing.

Complete Fountain Services:

Bluworld will provide a complete fountain services package for the majority of our fountain projects. Along with the aquatic engineering and consultation services described above, Bluworld will procure and provide all of the specialty fountain equipment and provide installation supervision. This approach ensures that the proper components will provided for the fountain and makes Bluworld the single source of responsibility for the success of the feature.

Components typically provided by Bluworld include:

• Custom-UL Listed Control Panels
• Custom Stainless Steel Weirs and Reservoirs
• Complete Pumping and Filtration Systems
• Fountain Appliances and Sculptural Elements
• Embedded fixtures- Main Drains, Inlet Fittings, Threaded Sleeves, Drain Fittings, etc.
• Skimmers, and Vacuum Systems
• Auto-Fill Mechanisms
• Complete Fountain Lighting Systems
• Wind Meters
• Nozzles and Spray Rings
• Underwater Junction Boxes

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