Bluworld’s “Unique” frame style water features are for those projects that simply don’t fall into an ordinary category.  Bluworld excels at making the most unique designs a reality because of our strong emphasis on engineering, our wide range of manufacturing capabilities, and our creative approach.  Our continual investments into research and development keep Bluworld on the cutting edge of water feature design and manufacturing.

During our design development phase of the project, we offer mock-up services to our clients.  Bluworld will build a mock-up that will test proposed materials, flow mechanisms, lighting, and other aspects of the water feature.  You and your team can view the mock-up in person at our Orlando, FL facility or Bluworld will provide videos and photos of the mock- up along with our evaluation and recommendations.  This is a necessary part of any proper water feature design development process whenever untested materials and elements are being considered.  Speak to a Bluworld water feature expert to discuss your next “unique” water feature.