As part of our ongoing mission to provide our clients with the tools they need to effectively design and specify water features, we have produced a course entitled:

“Designing with Water- Indoor Water Applications Make a New Wave in Architecture”

This course will introduce you to the concept of incorporating indoor water features in a variety of architectural applications. After reviewing the system components and various types of water features, you will learn about which design considerations factor into a successful installation.   Then, we’ll take a closer look, comparing and contrasting two water feature applications so you can appreciate the benefits of partnering with a specialty contractor.

Register to take our course online at AEC Daily. This accredited course is approved by 23 associations including AIA, IDCEC, and HSW. Click on the “Show Association Info” tab to see the full list of associations and qualifying credits.

If your firm is interested in having a Live Session with one of our Bluworld presenters, you may send us a request online or call our office at 407-426-7674.

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