When properly designing a water feature, it is imperative that some details are worked out early in the design process such as material selections, splash considerations, reservoir and pool sizing, basic M.E.P requirements, etc. The sections below detail some of the design resources that we offer to our clients. Many of these resources are provided at no charge. You can contact a Bluworld Account Manager to discuss these resources in further detail.


Mock-up Services

Bluworld offers mock-up services to our clients when designing a custom water feature. Often a mock-up is a very necessary and critical step of a proper custom water feature design process. A mock-up is especially needed when a new, untested, material is being proposed in a custom water feature, particularly if it is a textured surface.

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Typical Details

Once Bluworld is commissioned on a project we will develop a full set of specification drawings for the water feature. These drawings will include views, details, material call outs, responsibility/scope matrix, M.E.P requirements, construction notes, and all other relevant details.

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Concept Validation and Budgeting

You have come up with a great, unique idea for a water feature. Is it going to work? Will it have the water effect you are envisioning? Will the lighting do what you think it will? Will this material hold up in a water feature? Is there a better material for this application? Can this design be built within your budget?

Bluworld offers concept validation services for our clients. We will evaluate your design and give you our expert analysis and recommendations based on years of water feature experience.

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Design Services

Our clients often have an area dedicated to a water feature, but they will not have a specific design in mind. Bluworld can design a custom water feature to fit your needs. Our designers have years of water feature design and manufacturing experience and can create a visually-stunning feature that will perform for years to come. Once Bluworld is commissioned to design the feature, we will present you with preliminary options and will produce a full-color rendering for your review.



It is imperative that your fountain be properly designed and engineered to ensure its success. Bluworld can be commissioned to provide design services for your fountain project. Our design engineers will work with you through all phases from conceptual design to a fully detailed set of construction documents and written specification. Our team will specify all pumping and filtration equipment as well as all embedded fixtures and waterproofing.

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