For over 25 years, Bluworld of Water has been providing quality custom water features for General Contractors. We have had the privilege of working on thousands of exciting construction projects all around the world. The knowledge and experience we have gained from working on so many different construction projects, with so many different General Contractors, has allowed us to develop an effective production/project management process designed specifically to service General Contractors.

We have developed a custom project management program that will track your project through all phases of production.  Our system will automatically update you throughout the process and will track your project through all stages of our production to ensure we meet your installation dates.

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Bluworld of Water is the largest water feature company in an industry that we helped to create. Because of our market strength, you can have confidence that we will have the resources to see any project through to a successful completion, and that we will be here to stand behind our work for years to come. We receive calls on a regular basis from contractors and end users who, unfortunately, are dealing with problems caused by hiring a smaller less experienced company to provide their water feature. Unlike other architectural products, water features have a high possibility for failure. With Bluworld, you can be assured that you are dealing with a company with the resources to make your project a success.

Most of our custom water features are fabricated in our 45,000 sqft manufacturing facility. At the heart of our manufacturing facility is our state of the art sheet metal shop. Our fabrication team has decades of experience in metal working. We have developed stainless steel forming and finishing techniques specifically created for water feature fabrication.

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Customer Service:

At Bluworld we take our customer service seriously. Although we design our water features to require as little maintenance as possible, water features are living effects and will always require some servicing. Our customer service department has been created to service thousands of our existing customers. Our automated system will inform the end user when required maintenance should be performed as well as when filtration equipment should be replaced. Our tech support team is always available to help trouble shoot any issues our clients experience. With Bluworld, you can have confidence that your water feature comes with the support you may need in the future.

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