You have come up with a great, unique idea for a water feature. Is it going to work? Will it have the water effect you are envisioning? Will the lighting do what you think it will? Will this material hold up in a water feature? Is there a better material for this application? Can this design be built within your budget?

Bluworld offers concept validation services for our clients. We will evaluate your design and give you our expert analysis and recommendations based on years of water feature experience. Since we have already tested a wide range of materials for use in fountains and water features, we are able to provide you with alternative material options and other suggestions that will help make your water feature vision a reality.

Bluworld utilizes a variety of different flow mechanisms, lighting fixtures and locations, pumping and filtration devices, as well as many different construction methods and materials based on the merits of each individual project. There are many factors to consider when designing a fountain or water feature. We are happy to offer you our consulting services to help give you confidence that your water feature project is starting on a path to success.

The budget is always a consideration. Your Bluworld Account Manager will be able to provide you with rough budgeting numbers quickly so that you don’t waste time on a concept that is out of range. Since we utilize many different components and construction methods we are often able to give our clients recommendations on how to bring their concept into budget range.

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