Bluworld of Water has developed the “Blu-Guard” line of fully encapsulated water features. These features are completely sealed, and the water is not exposed to the surrounding area. As such, nothing harmful can enter the system and nothing harmful can leave the system. These water features pose no risk to the public and are exceedingly safe for healthcare environments. Not only are the “Blu-Guard” water features safe, but they are also just as beautiful as Bluworld’s traditional designs.

Another outstanding aspect of the Blu-Guard line is that these completely sealed water features are virtually maintenance free. Since the water is completely sealed in the system, there is no evaporation and they do not get dirty; No regular maintenance is required. They also have lower initial installation costs as they do not require a water supply or drain to be provided to the area. Operating costs are also lower since they do not require water to be added and labor costs for maintenance are eliminated.

Although originally designed with healthcare environments in mind, our Blu-Guard water features are highly desired across all venues we service.