Horizontal Multi-Panel

A Horizontal Multi-Panel style water feature is comprised of several individual pieces of material configured side by side to create a longer water panel than is possible with our Standard Single Panel.

Vertical Multi-Panel

A Vertical Multi-Panel style water feature is comprised of several individual pieces of material stacked vertically to create a taller water panel than a Standard Single Panel.

Stacked Horizontal Multi-Panel

A Stacked Horizontal Multi-Panel water feature is comprised of several individual pieces of material joined both vertically and horizontally.


Built-In Style water feature integrates Bluworld’s components into a typical wall to create large, monolithic walls of water.


Bluworld’s iAqua™ display systems integrate video monitors into our mirrored waterfalls.

WaterWall™ (semi-custom)

The Waterwall™ is our most versatile and popular product line. Waterwalls are available in several different sizes with a select number of options including a variety powder coat finish, brushed stainless steel, water panel material, and accessories. These high quality, semi-custom features carry shorter lead times and are often the best choice when working within a budget.


Bluworld of Water has developed the “Blu-Guard” line of fully encapsulated water features. All of these features are completely sealed and the water is not in contact with the surrounding area.

Rain Curtain

Bluworld’s Rain Curtain style waterfall is composed of thin strands of Mylar lace suspended from the top of the feature. Water gently drips down the strands creating the appearance and gentle sound of freefalling rain drops.

Reflection Pool

A Bluworld Reflection Pool is a visually beautiful product to introduce soothing water soundscapes into your environment.


Bluworld’s “Unique” frame style water features are the projects that simply don’t fall into an ordinary category. Combining mixed materials like stone, metal, glass, acrylic, and water.


Bluworld’s Fountain Division is your best resource to help take your fountain project from concept to reality.


Bluworld’s Sculptural Water Features allow you to explore all creative possibilities. Our talented craftsmen utilize Bluworld’s state of the art metal working and fabrication facilities to bring your sculptural vision to life.

Bubble Walls/Blu-Guard™

Built with our Blu-Guard technology, Bubble Walls are completely sealed, airtight units that never come in contact with ambient air.