The Journey of Bluworld of Water

From a Garage to Global Renown

Bluworld of Water started as a modest venture in 1997, initiated by two brothers, Jimi Beach and Sean Drummond. Growing up amidst the ocean and rivers of Titusville, Florida, the brothers developed a profound love for water at an early age. They saw flowing water as an art form, leading them to construct water features from stainless steel and glass in their garage. With the help of a few friends, this hobby soon outgrew the garage and led to the establishment of the first fabrication plant for Bluworld of Water.

An interesting fact about the company’s name is that the “Blu” in Bluworld does not refer to a color. Instead, it stands for “Brothers Like Us,” symbolizing the close-knit culture that was forming within the business. This camaraderie was driven by a genuine passion for creating artistic architectural water designs that would grace homes, businesses, and public spaces worldwide.

Since its inception, Bluworld has grown exponentially, becoming the world’s largest custom water feature design and fabrication company within its genre. Their 40,000 square foot facility in Orlando, Florida, boasts a dedicated metal fabrication department that designs, fabricates, and installs some of the most intricate and beautiful water features available. Bluworld has extended its reach globally, designing and installing water features across the world.

Art in Motion: The Great Five

One of Bluworld’s most impressive creations is “The Great Five,” a vibrant water feature inspired by the beauty and majesty of the Great Lakes. This piece consists of five steel mesh panels, each representing one of the Great Lakes. Water flows down these panels, gets caught in collection basins, and is then recycled back through the system, ensuring a continuous flow of liquid.

The idea for “The Great Five” originated from the leadership at the Wisconsin Center District, who challenged Bluworld to create a tribute to the significance of the Great Lakes. As Sean Drummond, CEO of Bluworld of Water, explained, “The Great Lakes are such a vital resource for the upper Midwest way of life and the growing economy based on fresh water technology for the entire region. We wanted to find a way to design a water feature that connected to that in some way.”

The design team, which included EUA, TVS, and Bluworld of Water, collaborated on several design elements before finalizing the piece. Arranged west to east by the volume of each lake, the panels represent Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario, and Erie. The positioning of the panels ensures that the look and feel of the feature vary depending on the viewer’s position and perspective. From some vantage points, the wall appears as a single massive form, while from others, it looks light and elegant.

“These variations represent the different characteristics of the Lakes. At times you see their immense power and at other times their tranquil beauty,” Drummond states.

This water feature includes five metal mesh panels with a pink down lighting and aqua up lighting.      This water feature is another view of the five metal mesh panels that have blue down lighting and purple up lighting. You can see the water ripple down the panels.      5 metal mesh water features in a staggered pattern. Green down and up lighting.     

Bluworld of Water’s journey from a garage-based hobby to a globally recognized leader in water feature design is a testament to their passion, creativity, and dedication. Their innovative designs, such as “The Great Five,” showcase their ability to blend artistic vision with functional elegance, creating water features that are both mesmerizing and meaningful.

Explore more of Bluworld’s stunning water features and discover how they can transform your space into a work of art. Whether for residential, commercial, or public settings, Bluworld of Water offers unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship in architectural water design.