#763 Outdoor Waterfall Entry

$13,000-$25,000, Video, Video Available, Brass, clear glass, corporate, $0-$5,000, free-floating, underwater lighting, Frame Style, etched logo, Panel Material, color changing, $6,000-$12,000, standard single panel, residential, silver mirror, vinyl logo, horizontal multi panel, stainless steel mesh, standoff logo, down-lighting, healthcare, Lighting, side-lighting, outdoor architectural, restaurant, glass colors, Venue, $26,000-$60,000, brushed stainless steel, Logos, $61,000-$100,000, rain curtain, retail, $101,000-above, stone, acrylic, bar/nightclub, Price Range, hotel, tile, bubble walls/BluGuard, copper, unique, commercial, universities, stacked horizontal multi panel, granite, encapsulated/BluGuard, slate, hospitality, spa, textured glass, frosted glass, vertical multi panel, bronze mirror, waterwall, sculpture, iaqua, built in, radius of facetted, reflection pool, c-shaped,

Location: Delray Beach, FL

Dimensions: 9′ T x 3.5′ W

This double feature entry was designed for the 1625 Ocean Delray Beach and in collaboration with Moss & Associates.

The gentle sound of water running down the textured marble tile is a warm welcome home to the residents. A built-in tiled water feature is very customizable and visually appealing in all venues. Before we install a water feature it is mocked up and tested for splash, water tightness, sound, and lighting. Clients are welcome to stop by and inspect themselves or video and reports can be provided of the mock up test. Click the link to see more built-in tiled water features https://bluworldusa.com/products/built-in/