#727 Quarles Project (Private Residence) – Water Feature Sculpture

Video Available, Brass, $13,000-$25,000, Video, clear glass, corporate, $0-$5,000, free-floating, underwater lighting, Frame Style, etched logo, color changing, $6,000-$12,000, standard single panel, residential, silver mirror, vinyl logo, Panel Material, down-lighting, healthcare, Lighting, horizontal multi panel, stainless steel mesh, standoff logo, restaurant, glass colors, Venue, $26,000-$60,000, side-lighting, outdoor architectural, retail, brushed stainless steel, Logos, $61,000-$100,000, rain curtain, $101,000-above, stone, acrylic, bar/nightclub, Price Range, hotel, tile, bubble walls/BluGuard, copper, unique, commercial, universities, stacked horizontal multi panel, granite, hospitality, encapsulated/BluGuard, slate, textured glass, spa, frosted glass, vertical multi panel, bronze mirror, waterwall, sculpture, iaqua, built in, radius of facetted, reflection pool, c-shaped,

Location: Livingston, TN
Dimensions: 30″ Sphere

There’s something alluring about a basic geometric shape. Perhaps because of it’s prevalence in the world around us, or the mathematical perfection of it, proving difficult to recreate by hand…
We love when a project like this enters our water feature realm! We have made many stainless steel sphere water sculptures over time, and each one manages to make an impression in the final space. This water feature for mid-state construction features a 30″ stainless steel mirrored sphere on a mirrored platform, which is elevated in the center of a concrete pool. The sculpture creates a gorgeous focal point in the finished room of this Tennessee residence. No matter the scale, shape or style, a water feature will add that certain, ‘je ne sais quoi’ aspect to your project.

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