#724 Promenade Gateway – Bubble Wall

$13,000-$25,000, Video, Video Available, Brass, Frame Style, etched logo, clear glass, corporate, $0-$5,000, free-floating, underwater lighting, silver mirror, vinyl logo, Panel Material, color changing, $6,000-$12,000, standard single panel, residential, healthcare, Lighting, horizontal multi panel, stainless steel mesh, standoff logo, down-lighting, glass colors, Venue, $26,000-$60,000, side-lighting, outdoor architectural, restaurant, brushed stainless steel, Logos, $61,000-$100,000, rain curtain, retail, bar/nightclub, Price Range, $101,000-above, stone, acrylic, hotel, tile, bubble walls/BluGuard, commercial, copper, unique, stacked horizontal multi panel, granite, universities, encapsulated/BluGuard, slate, hospitality, spa, textured glass, frosted glass, vertical multi panel, bronze mirror, waterwall, sculpture, iaqua, built in, radius of facetted, reflection pool, c-shaped,

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Dimensions: 12’T x 4’W

Our bubble wall style water features are forever captivating! The LED lighting and oxygen bubbles are automated via remote controller, and can be isolated in groups for even more variation. This bubble wall has vertical baffles, so the water is encapsulated in columns. The light and bubble sequences are assigned to 3 groups that run different shows simultaneously. The beauty of the show is reflected in the silver mirror back panel, and seen through the clear acrylic front panel. Another outstanding benefit is the low maintenance of our Blu-Guard™, fully sealed features. They don’t require any plumbing or additional water after the initial fill. Photographs seldom do justice to the truly scintillating presence of our bubble wall features. If you find yourself local to one of our bubble walls, do stop in and check it out for yourself! Speak with a custom sales expert today about your next water feature project 407-426-7674.

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