#719 Google Gates – Custom Indoor Waterfall

Video Available, Brass, $13,000-$25,000, Video, clear glass, corporate, $0-$5,000, free-floating, underwater lighting, Frame Style, etched logo, color changing, $6,000-$12,000, standard single panel, residential, silver mirror, vinyl logo, Panel Material, down-lighting, healthcare, Lighting, horizontal multi panel, stainless steel mesh, standoff logo, restaurant, glass colors, Venue, $26,000-$60,000, side-lighting, outdoor architectural, retail, brushed stainless steel, Logos, $61,000-$100,000, rain curtain, $101,000-above, stone, acrylic, bar/nightclub, Price Range, hotel, tile, bubble walls/BluGuard, copper, unique, commercial, universities, stacked horizontal multi panel, granite, hospitality, encapsulated/BluGuard, slate, textured glass, spa, frosted glass, vertical multi panel, bronze mirror, waterwall, sculpture, iaqua, built in, radius of facetted, reflection pool, c-shaped,

Location: Austin, TX

Custom Indoor Waterfall #1 (Images 1-5)
Dimensions: 23.5′ T x 22.5′ W

Custom Indoor Waterfall #2 (Images 6 & 7)
Dimensions: 24.5′ T x 19.5′ W

Custom Indoor Waterfall Project for DPR Construction. There are 2 free-floating, stainless steel mesh water features on location in Austin, TX. Both are in a horizontal multi-panel frame style with brushed stainless steel frame finishes. Waterfall #1 (images 1-5) is a custom, 3-sided shape. Waterfall #2 (images 6 & 7) is a custom, rectangular shape.
The preassembled system and preprogrammed sequencing for each custom indoor waterfall was tested at our facility, prior to installation. The system for both includes stainless steel catch basins with mesh attachment points and integrated fittings.

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