#716 Sikich for Turner Construction – BubbleWall

Brass, Video Available, Video, $13,000-$25,000, corporate, Frame Style, $0-$5,000, etched logo, clear glass, free-floating, underwater lighting, $6,000-$12,000, vinyl logo, silver mirror, residential, color changing, Panel Material, standard single panel, Lighting, down-lighting, stainless steel mesh, horizontal multi panel, standoff logo, healthcare, Venue, side-lighting, $26,000-$60,000, outdoor architectural, restaurant, glass colors, rain curtain, retail, brushed stainless steel, $61,000-$100,000, Logos, bar/nightclub, stone, $101,000-above, acrylic, Price Range, bubble walls/BluGuard, tile, hotel, commercial, copper, unique, stacked horizontal multi panel, granite, universities, slate, hospitality, encapsulated/BluGuard, textured glass, spa, frosted glass, vertical multi panel, bronze mirror, waterwall, sculpture, iaqua, built in, radius of facetted, reflection pool, c-shaped,

Location: Naperville, IL
Dimensions: 5.5’T x 10’W

This BubbleWall features a clear acrylic front panel, mirror back panel, and black acrylic frame. The circular bubble baffles create a randomized, effervescent pattern of oxygen, through color-changing LED lighting. The horizontal multi-panel is a completely sealed, Blu-Guard™ BubbleWall. Blu-Guard features are virtually maintenance-free, and require no external drain or plumbing. Filter the portfolio with the drop down menu to see more BubbleWall / encapsulated water features. Speak with a custom sales expert today about your next water feature project 407-426-7674.