Bluworld offers mock-up services to our clients when designing a custom water feature. Often a mock-up is a very necessary and critical step of a proper custom water feature design process. A mock-up is especially needed when a new, untested, material is being proposed in a custom water feature, particularly if it is a textured surface.

Among other aspects, the mock-up will demonstrate the splash factor of the proposed material. This allows our engineers to determine if the wall would need to be canted and if so, how many degrees. It also ensures that a proper sized reservoir is allowed for in the space to ensure that no water leaves the system. Importantly, it also allows our clients to have an accurate visual understanding of how the water reacts to the material. Often there is no substitute for actually seeing the water move down the material.

Bluworld will create the mock-up at our fabrication facility. We will recommend a size for the mock-up that will adequately demonstrate the water effect. Typically our client will provide the material being tested. Since we have an extensive testing area at our facility we can generally utilize pools and equipment for the mock-up without having to pass on additional costs to our clients. Once the fabrication is complete, we will take videos of the mock-up and send them, along with our comments, to you. Our clients are also always invited to come and have an in person viewing and demonstration of the mock-up at our facility in Orlando, Florida.